So, you are pondering over the advantages and disadvantages of living or investing in a Golf Course community?  


The Jacksonville area and all of North Florida is graced with over 60 golf courses with varying types of membership, attached facilities, sports arrangements, club houses, security, and it can be confusing to a Jacksonville native, let alone a transferee from another state! Some of these communities come gated, some are Planned Urban Developments (PUD) or Community development Districts (CDD) or both, some have agreements with Beach Clubs and /or other Golf Clubs, some are equity owned and others are privately owned.


Unlike some popular theories Country Club living is not just for retirees nor is it for sports or golfing fanatics. There are many young families who love living in a community within a community with its own unique identity, style of homes and ongoing programs for all age groups. The added security often provided, along with the often private, less crowded roads, the sense of neatness and well tended land upheld by covenants and restrictions, the verdant vista of miles of open Bermuda grass with its sand pits and water, these are all attractions to the inhabitants. As the “cacooning” phenomena continues, soothsayers we have become more drawn inward to protect our immediate family and homesteads from factors which are threatening us from the outside world, so have more and more people become more interested in


In order to decide which one may best suit you and your family over and above the obvious closeness to work place, shopping facilities or surrounding traffic challenges, the following list of questions should probably be asked of yourselves and the communities in which you may be interested:


Are you ready to take advantage of the varying recreational facilities which preside in a golf course community?